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Glycine - 1Kg (Pure Amino Acid)

Glycine - 1Kg (Pure Amino Acid)

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Sweet tasting. Dissolves easily in cold water, juice, whey etc.

At BULK SUPPLEMENTS, you always get the ultimate in both VALUE and PERFORMANCE. Our products contain only the PUREST forms of the active ingredients, without ANY of the dodgy or useless additives commonly found in many supplements. Our low prices enable us to always recommend effective dosages that will actually work for you and produce the results you expect.

Glycine is a simple amino acid with some really interesting and very potent properties.

Glycine is directly Anabolic AND Anticatabolic for muscle.
Maybe read that headline again! That’s a pretty astounding combination of attributes, giving you the double whammy of being both anabolic (muscle building) as well as anti-catabolic (preventing muscle loss or breakdown). Virtually all other supplements can only do either one, but not both!

Glycine may not be one of the glamourous poster boy supplements, but it sure packs a punch.


The anti-cortisol and androgenic properties of glycine makes it a prime candidate for building lean muscle tissue.

Glycine also strongly upregulates 5-AR (5 Alpha Reductase) activity which metabolizes testosterone.

A group of scientists published a study a few years ago showing that just 6 to 7g of glycine fully restores the anabolic effects of leucine under conditions of increased inflammation, as typically occurs after workouts. Leucine is the most potently anabolic (muscle building) of the three amino acids in BCAA’s.
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As an amino acid, glycine works as a protein builder in the body. In particular, glycine enables the production of collagen, a protein that is an essential component of muscles, tendon, skin, and bones.

Supplementation with 10 grams of glycine per day makes your joints stronger

Athletes can protect their joints against wear and injury by supplementation with about 10 grams of glycine per day. The same regime can accelerate the healing of injured joints. These expectations are expressed by Spanish researchers in an in vitro study published in Amino Acids. 

Glycine rejuvenates old cells
Scientific Reports by researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan suggests that the simple amino acid glycine may be an anti-aging substance.
It seems that glycine reverses the aging process in connective tissue cells – and who knows, perhaps in other types of cells too.

General health

Glycine is considered among the most important amino acids for the body. It exerts widespread influence over our bodies’ systems, structure, and general health, including cardiovascular, cognitive, and metabolic health.

Glycine improves sleep quality

Quality sleep speeds up post-exercise recovery.

Studies show that higher levels of this amino acid may:

Help you fall asleep more quickly
Increase your sleep efficiency
Reduce symptoms of insomnia
Improve sleep quality and promote deeper more restful sleep