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Chocolate Whey Protein Concentrate - 2kg
Chocolate Whey Protein Concentrate - 2kg

Chocolate Whey Protein Concentrate - 2kg

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Only 100% CLEAN & PURE Active ingredients are used at Bulk Supplements.
NO Additives of any kind! 
What you order is what you get ~ 100% PURE PERFORMANCE

Our Premium Natural Whey Protein Concentrate contains only 100% natural ingredients. 
No artificial sweeteners, colourants, flavourants or any other unnecessary junk!  
Everything used to flavour and sweeten our choclate protein powder is 100% NATURAL and CLEAN!  
Our chocolate shake is flavoured with pure natural cocoa powder. Perfect sweetness with zero aftertaste is delivered by our proprietary blend of the all natural zero calorie sweeteners erythritol and stevia extract.

Just add water, you won’t believe the creamy mouthfeel and texture, just like a shake made with milk thanks to the proprietary natural thickener we use. Pure, clean enjoyment for amazing results with no unnecessary calories or chemical junk added.

All Ingredients used for the flavouring and sweetening of our NATURAL WHEY PROTEIN POWDER are 100% CLEAN and NATURAL. None are artificial or UNHEALTHY in any way!

Their products do precisely what they are supposed to do – if it is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.