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Calcium Pyruvate - 250g

Calcium Pyruvate - 250g

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Serving size: 1g or more

Servings per container: 250

Taste - Slightly sour. Mix with juice or water, dissolves easily. Pure product. No additives. 

Outstanding exercise, health and longevity boosting supplement.

Exercise booster

Calcium Pyruvate makes it possible to push harder for longer and recover faster, creating the capacity for increasing muscle building workouts.

This supplement is fantastic since very few supplements enhance exercise performance past 2 or sometimes 3 sets. Pyruvate has been shown to enhance exercise performance to 5 sets and probably beyond. (They stopped at 5 sets in the study).

Its effects include enhancing human endurance and improving athletic performance, accelerating fat consumption and thus reducing weight, 

Calcium pyruvate enhances the metabolism of sugar and starches into energy.

As a supplement, calcium pyruvate helps burn fat that is retained or deposited in the body, making it readily available for use as fuel. The additional energy released may help the body function more efficiently and aid in exercise.

Calcium pyruvate also enhances the delivery of glucose and protein into muscle cells by increasing the amount of ATP available to the energy engines of cells (mitochondria) and may aid performance levels in exercise.

It has a mild alkalizing effect on blood pH and increases bicarbonate. Supplementation resulted in a stronger ergogenic effect on RSE performance compared to other common buffers that only obtained a 2–3% increase in power output during single sprints or RSE.”

Compounds that boost both exercise performance and longevity at the same time are very rare and frequently come with side effects.

Pyruvate is an exception. It is a natural substance made in the body that contributes to metabolism and carbohydrate digestion, boosting both exercise performance and longevity at the same time.

Health Booster

It has a special protective effect on the heart, can enhance the efficiency of the heart muscle, and reduce heart disease or cardiac ischemia. At the same time, Calcium Pyruvate has significant effects such as swallowing free radicals in the body and inhibiting the generation of free radicals.

Longevity booster

Pyruvate bypasses impaired glycolysis (where glucose or fructose might be insufficient) and maintains mitochondrial respiration in the brain as well as other tissues.

Corrects severe metabolic acidosis.

Protects mitochondria.

Repairs DNA damage better than equimolar amounts of NAD.

Increases the NAD to NADH ratio.

And so much more……..

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