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DIY Mixes

When preparing your shake or smoothie remember that you are using 100% PURE whey protein with none of the additives, flavouring and other junk which you may find in most ready mix brand name shakes. These additives suppress foaming, sweeten, flavor, thicken, etc. This is all very convenient but you are getting all kinds of junk in with your supposedly healthy shake.

PURE Whey will foam when you shake or mix it. Ready mix protein shakes contain foam suppressants to prevent this from happening. You can do this just as effectively, but in a much healthier way.

The most effective means to reduce the foam to the minimum is to add 2,5ml to 5ml of MCT oil to prevent foaming when shaking.

MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides oil) is made from coconut oil.

Pure whey WILL foam unless you add MCT oil or a similar foam suppressant.

If you want to create your own shake powder which you can conveniently mix when you’re away from home, MCT powder can be used instead of MCT oil. Be aware that MCT powder contains around 14% sugar, however you will only need around 5g per serving of whey so you will only ingest about 700mg of sugar which is very, very little.

When making a smoothie, the addition of plain unsweetened yoghurt will also help to suppress foam although we still recommend adding some MCT oil as well.

Some natural flavourings will help to reduce foaming. Cocoa, coffee, some fruit juices, pulped fruit like banana etc. Experiment with the flavours you like the most.


  1. Scoop the required amount of whey into your shaker.

  2. Add the flavouring of your choice.
    Some ideas:
    Cocoa powder for a chocolate flavor
    Instant coffee & cocoa powder combined for a mocha flavor
    Pure unsweetened fruit juice

  3. Add the sweetener of your choice (when using cocoa or coffee NOT with fruit juice or other sweet flavouring)
    Xylitol is a low calorie natural sweetener available from most health shops
    Erithrytol is a virtually zero calorie natural sweetener available from many health shops.
    Stevia is a super sweet natural low calorie sweetener available from some health shops.
    DO NOT use sugar or any of the chemical sweeteners such as aspartame if you value your health!