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Why Buy Bulk?

1. While many people take supplements, most do not know that the same supplement ingredients they are buying in expensive branded packaging, can often be bought for a fraction of the price they are paying for the brand name product. These savings can be realised without significantly affecting the quality of the results you may achieve with a brand name product.

2. How do you do this? Actually it’s very simple:
Just email or LiveChat us the brand name product you are using or interested in and we will send you the list of active ingredients for your product for free!


Look at the ingredients on the label of the supplement and determine which are the core active ingredients if you know what to look for.

3. Most brand name supplements contain a variety of ingredients. Often a significant number of the ingredients will contribute very little to the required effect, function and value of the supplement.
You are however paying for these ingredients. Identifying which are the core active ingredients that really matter will allow you to buy only those active ingredients, saving you money.

If you’re wondering why brand name manufacturers would include ingredients that don’t really matter the explanation is very simple. Every branded product is trying to claim to be able to do something for you which their competitors cannot do or cannot claim.

To make their products different from everyone else so that they can make those unique claims of what their product will do, or why it is better than other products, they often add all kinds of ingredients just to be different. When these ingredients do indeed work, the quantities in which they are added to the core ingredients are often not enough to be effective - but they still add to the price you pay for the product. The other possibility is that the ingredient does indeed have an effect but that effect has little or nothing to do with the function the branded product should perform and which again you are paying for.

4. Once you have received the list of active core ingredients from us (or done the homework yourself) you can go ahead and order all of them or just the ones that matter most. You also know exactly what you’re getting for your money because you’re buying single ingredients or mixes of only core active ingredients.

5. Look at our website for price indications of ingredients bought in bulk compared to typical branded products. The difference can be staggering.

6. You can now afford to take your supplements in dosages which should be effective. The greatly reduced cost of our bulk supplement ingredients will ensure you no longer have to cut corners which negatively affect your gains because your supplements are wiping you out financially. Get the return you deserve on your sweat, efforts and determination and save money too!

7. Our bulk supplement ingredients are 100% pure with none of the added fillers and inactive ingredients often found in ready-made or premixed powders and capsules.
Bulk Supplements guarantees you significant savings on your supplements without ever compromising on the quality of our products.

Secure online payments, money back guarantee, free courier delivery, parcel tracking for your total peace of mind.

Disadvantages of buying in bulk:

There are very few, very minor disadvantages to buying in bulk. Bulk powders are sometimes a little less convenient than capsules or pills.

Some supplements don’t taste all that great and it may take a bit of experimentation to find a flavouring and mixer that works for you. Take a look at our DIY Mix section which has some very useful pointers and tips which will help you.